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Bewley & Coltman Financial Services

would like to thank our partners:

In Victoria

Brenda J. Milbrath

Barrister and Solicitor
MacMinn & Company

Gurmail S. Manhas LL.M

Barrister & Solicitor
Suite 301-830 Shamrock Street,
Victoria, B.C. V8X 2V1

In Edmonton

L. Neil Gower Q.C. B.A., LL.B.


Suite 2200 – 10235 – 101 Street, NW,
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 5G1

Sam Amelio Q.C.


Suite 2200 – 10235 – 101 Street, NW

Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 5G1

Community Links

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Family Caregivers Of British Columbia

Caregiver Connection

BC Cancer Association

Your Will Planning Workbook

A great deal of thought and planning needs to go into preparing your Will. Not only should you consider what your estate is currently worth, you should also consider your future sources of wealth. Click here to download a helpful will planning guide.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­Home sweet home?

Buying a home has always played a major role in financial planning and has long been viewed as a dependable, long-term investment vehicle. While real estate certainly has a place in a well-diversified stable of assets, the table below demonstrates that, over the past 20 years, investments in Trimark Fund and Trimark Canadian Fund have dramatically outperformed real estate. 

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